Becoming an Illegal Immigrant

How to be an illegal immigrant?

It has been detailed that people can be called illegal immigrants if they perform one of the three possible ways that individuals can be considered as such. If they enter the country without any proper authorization and inspection from the officials, then they are branded as illegal immigrants. Also, if they end up staying more than the period of time allotted for them after they make their entry, they will be hiding from the country’s immigration officials. And, lastly, if they violate, in any way, the terms of legal entry set by the country, then they will also be regarded as illegal immigrants.

Mode of violation

If they enter the country legally but without inspection, they will be categorized under Non-Immigrant Visa Overstayer, which accounts for only four up to nearly six million of the illegal immigrants today. The Border Crossing Card Violators has a population of around two hundred fifty thousand And if they entered the country in an illegal manner without getting inspected, then they will be classified as Evaded the Immigration Inspectors and Border Patrol, which amounts to around six to seven million individuals.

How to make a legal entry?

Commonly, illegal immigrants decide to cross to a country by going across a border. They are able to do so with the assistance of a professional who makes a living out of smuggling illegal immigrants across the country’s border. The ones who are assigned at the border between the United States and Mexico are tagged as Coyotes.

Another way to enter the US illegally is when they use another person’s social security card. This happens when a US legal citizen returns to his or her original nation and lets someone else work in the US in his or her place. In this kind of situation, both parties get to benefit. The legal citizen still gets to accumulate his or her social security benefits while the illegal immigrant can get inside the country without any kind of hassle and get employed.

What is a Visa Overstay?

Tourists will be categorized under Visa Overstay once they decide to stay in the country after the expiry of their time of admission into the country. The time of admission actually varies, depending on the type of Visa class they have into which they got admitted in the first place.

For those who want to track Visa Overstayers, they can use the US-VISIT program, which actually stands for United States Visitor and Immigrant Status Indicator Technology. It is through this program that authorities can collect and keep information that involve biographic, biometric and travel details of the foreign nationals. Aside from that, they can also obtain pictures and some fingerprints. Majority of today’s Visa Overstayers tend to enter the country with the use of Tourist or Business Visas.

In fact, it was in 1994 that more than half of the entire population of illegal immigrants came out to be Visa Overstayers, as compared to the 2006 amount of forty-five percent.


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