Disadvantages of EU Immigration

Although immigration to other countries, such as Europe, have provided a lot of benefits, there are still those who immediately see the drawbacks in this kind of situation. In fact, lots of third world countries, such as some that are in Africa, have blatantly expressed their concern for the currently aggravating problem of the brain drain.

What is the brain drain?

The brain drain case occurs when the youthful intellectuals and elites in the field of science leave their own countries as they seek for greener pastures in Western Europe or in North America. In fact, the main reason why many individuals and their families even migrate to Europe is to pursue professional careers that have higher salaries, working conditions that are far better and secure.

Although it may sound highly effective and productive, many see that problem in this opportunity since the smart ones get to leave town and make more money, when they can still make money at home and strengthen their local economy. Still, many argue that there is not much money to make in their own countries. This somehow brings the debate back to ground zero.


It is a good thing that some organizations have exhausted efforts with regards to solving the economic problem experienced by the countries. Development NGO’s and certain United Nations groups have recommended that Europe should may return a part of its benefits from the employment of the highly skilled workers to their own countries of origin back in the South. They can do so by implementing circular migration.

What is circular migration?

Circular migration occurs when certain groups of specialists spend a limited amount of time within Europe in order to enhance and diversify their own skills. This way, they can still be quite useful to their countries of origin. Many strongly believe that such agreement can easily benefit all of the parties that are involved.

Sadly, however, even Europe is presently experiencing its share of brain drain since the United States has been too inviting that their own skilled youngsters have moved on to the US. Unfortunately, experts believe that not even the Blue Card can reverse the effects of this trend.

Affecting decisions

Each and every decision to migrate should be a personal one and should be only very mildly influenced by the set rules and regulation. In fact, quite a lot of laws, even when combined, can actually solve the challenge of turning Europe into a very attractive continent for the world’s experts and specialists. Some believe that the one responsible for making the continent somehow unattractive are the conditions enlisted under the Blue Card proposal.

In fact, some extremely qualified experts might think that the Blue Card conditions are far too restrictive. An example would be the fact that they might think that the two year initial validity of the card is thought to be very low and insufficient with regards to successful integration. The short validity offered by the Blue Card is one of the main reasons why the global experts are discouraged in their search for long-term financial opportunities.


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