EU is in Need of Migrating Skilled Workers

The idea of having an employment permit that is valid in the entire Europe looks like it has a great foot hold. It is now called the Blue Card scheme, as entitled by the European Union. This Blue Card proposal was greatly inspired by the Green Card program in the United States of America.

What is the purpose of the Blue Card?

The main objective of the Blue Card system is to attract the world’s best talents to enter the European Union in order to fight the aging population and diminishing birth rate complications, especially today.

It is through this particular card that migrants are allowed to travel all over the EU and even work in any country they would like, of course, as long as it is located in Europe. This sounds so easy, since it goes against what other countries would hassle the people with, such as strict Visa requirements and working permit requirements. Aside from that, the accepted workers are also entitled to bring their families with them.

The European Commissioner, Franco Frattini, for Justice, Freedom and Security, have strongly stated that it is very important that the EU turn itself into a magnet for the world’s best and highly skilled and talented immigrants. He said so in his speech at the London School of Economics. It was in September of 2007 that he planned to make his formal proposal for this particular scheme.

In a race

The European Union is presently trailing several steps behind Canada and the United States of America, when it comes to attracting different talents and skills overseas. The two top countries are successful in this endeavor since they have long been implementing very vigorous recruiting regulations and policies. The officials of the EU hope that their Blue Card, which has been named so because of the predominant color of the EU flag, can help in making the continent far more competitive economically.

Problem in Member States

The twenty-seven Member States of the EU are in dire need of highly skilled workers, employees and personnel, such as the United Kingdom and Germany. This need is actually pretty evident in a huge number of sectors. In fact, experts estimate that the demand for such workers will rise since as much as twenty million workers will be leaving the workforce between this year and the year 2050.

Opposing views on immigration

Many experts still believe that immigration is not the answer to the quickly aging population. In fact, the higher net associated with immigration does not exempt the lawmakers of Europe from the need of having to implement structural modifications in order to solve the impact of today’s aging population. The EU is not the only continent experiencing this very problem, since majority of today’s most Westernized countries are presently facing this particular issue in an attempt to improve a set of actions for coming up with a very coordinated solution.

Still, it seems to have been proven that the increase in the number of immigrants is regarded as the key when it comes to mitigating this problem in the immediate future.


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