Illegal Immigrants in UK are Allowed to Stay after the Fourteen Year Mark

Today, a rule was introduced in 2003 that allows the immigrants who entered UK illegally in order to claim what is referred to as an indefinite leave to remain, particularly if they have managed to live in the black economy of Britain long enough. This rule can also be applied for those who are failed asylum seekers who have luckily managed to avoid deportation.

Grant for a British passport

When fourteen years have passed since they first entered the country, they can simply apply to the Home Office, which takes in to account particular factors like strength of connection to the country, compassionate circumstances, and any previous criminal records. They have to do this before they, as illegal immigrants, are allowed to stay in UK. Once they are able to accomplish this successfully, then they will be provided with full access to the welfare state and also be eligible for applying for a British passport.

Change of rules

Rules started to change in April of 2003, and seven thousand and four hundred and twenty-five illegal immigrants have received their right to live in the United Kingdom permanently, more than a thousand on each passing year is the average rate. And aside from that, it is also highly likely that many of those individuals paid absolutely no income tax during the fourteen years that they stayed in Britain as illegal immigrants.

In 2005, the Home Office came up with figures with regards to the population of illegal immigrants who stayed in Britain, which was around three hundred ten thousand up to five hundred seventy-five thousand. However, other groups, such as the MigrationWatch in UK, which has a huge campaign against mass immigration, have settled figures that are far higher than the ones previously mentioned. In fact, members from the latter organization strongly believe that the real number of illegal immigrants could reach up to one million.

The shadow immigration minister, Damian Green, is very disappointed with the present events in his own country. He finds it very disturbing that lots and lots more people are allowed to establish their rights as squatters for them to stay legally in the United Kingdom. He even says that this is like a reward that is being given to them for illegally entering the company. This kind of feedback for illegal behavior is never good, and since there is nothing much he can do about this, he only intends to exhaust all efforts in order to stop illegal immigrants from reaching the fourteen year mark.

In fact, they have not created a specialist border police force in order to prevent such squatters from staying for more years to come completely below the radar.

The Chairman of MigrationWatch, Sir Andrew Green believes that it is completely wrong, in all angles, when it comes to principle. He does not like that fact that the people who have been blatantly undercutting the legal British employees for lots of years, when they have not been paying any tax at all, are granted with full access to the British welfare state.


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