Migration Watch in the UK

Today, based on Britain’s statistics, there are more than one million illegal immigrants living in the United Kingdom’s capital. This number is somehow twice the number the British Government initially predicted.

This report warns that the proposed amnesty for these illegal immigrants can add up to a total of more than two million members from the population. The reason behind this is because the over one million “regularized” illegal immigrants are entitled to bring with them at least one child, spouse, either husband or wife, and the other members of their family into Great Britain.

The direct challenge

This report also directly challenges the work done by Nick Clegg, who happens to be the leader of the Liberal Democrat, who has proposed amnesty for illegal residents who have been overstaying in UK for such a long time now, particularly more than ten years.

Another group, the MigrationWatch also did their own study of managing much stricter controls for immigration into the UK. However, a huge number of Government ministers have been raising a lot of questions regarding the research conducted by MigrationWatch. In fact, they even say that MigrationWatch is a biased organization. It is a good thing that David Coleman, a known professor at Oxford University, of the field of demography, backs up said group in saying that giving out estimates regarding the number of illegal immigrants is always very difficult. He strongly believes that the group’s study results have been based on highly plausible estimates.

What is MigrationWatch?

This is a group that actually serves as an independent think tank that is headed by the former Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Sir Andrew Green. They say that the authentic refugees should be accommodated into UK since, today, only those who have been granted protection only comprise approximately three percent of the net foreign immigration.

Contribution to society

It is also highly recognizable that a lot of today’s immigrants have been valuably contributing to the society in terms of both diversity and skills. This is why a lot of the biggest companies in the UK are not opposed to immigration, as long as it is only moderate and properly managed, which happens to be neither, at present.

Obvious increase

The increase in the number of illegal immigrants is not something that needs a report for verification since the rise is extremely obvious. The only drawback is that even the Government admits that it is quite impossible to exactly know the figure on illegal immigration since these illegals have undergone great lengths just to conceal their mere existence from the British authorities. In fact, even if UK’s immigration minister is asked, he cannot directly answer exactly how many immigrants the UK presently has, as it is a question that no immigration minister can correctly answer.

Legal and illegal

Independent academic groups and the Government, itself, admit that all kinds of immigration, both legal and illegal, have largely mushroomed since then. Politician Clegg is interested in regularizing the illegal immigrants who have now stayed in the UK for the longest times, so that they can also aid in integrating the economy legally. This is what they call the Earned Route to Citizenship. Still, they are having present difficulties with this proposal since they cannot absolutely tell how many of the illegals will be able to qualify for such benefit.


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