Politics Tackle Immigration Laws before Environmental Laws

What do the environmentalists have to say?

As environmentalists keep an Earth Day rally on the actual National Mall nowadays, one of their top priorities, which happens to include a Congressional law, to deal with the effects of global warming, that President Obama strongly supports is being seriously threatened.

The actual lead GOP sponsor that is associated with a climate change law is Senator Lindsey Graham from South Carolina. And he has already threatened to pull himself and his support out if the Senate talks about the issue on immigration reform first. Graham has already been working with Senators John Kerry, D-Mass, and Joe Lieberman, I-Conn, on a previous law which is believed to have the ability to reduce greenhouse gas pollutants, a variation of which the House of Representatives handed down in the previous twelve months.

The argument flared over when the legislation on immigration was completed right after Arizona Governor Janice Brewer, a Republican running for re-election, signed into law a very tough immigration measure that Obama has strongly disliked and has even referred to as something that is highly misguided.

Reid, like many Democrats within the elected representatives, is within a difficult race for re-election in November and is dealing with pressure with regards to passing the immigration reform, whilst others would much more like a climate control bill. There is actually small time left within the actual legislative calendar. And law makers need to decide now which law to handle first.

For the democrats

Democrats, who comprise of the majority within Congress, have signaled they want to pass the climate bill and the immigration bill to provide a path for helping nearly eleven million people in the United States who entered the country illegally. In fact, a significant amount of these illegal immigrants are Hispanics, which happen to be a key voting bloc that favor Democrats, and certain laws that also boost border safety and reform guidelines for short-term employees in the United States, which is essential to the business community.

Immigration history

The history of immigration to the United States of America is the history of the United States itself, and also the actual trip coming from beyond the ocean is a good component discovered in the American myth. As in many myths, the actual immigrant story has been overstated. Immigrants, which include new colonists from just before the actual establishment of the United States as some sort of individual country, were never more than 15 percent involving the actual population and generally considerably much less.


Despite the fact that more than two hundred thousand marchers fighting for immigration reforms were slightly overshadowed through the means of the health care reform argument at the Capitol Hill, they are still being highly hopeful that some sort of bipartisan support will be coming from the United States Congress. Other than that, they also hope that it could place the long-sought immigration measure over the problem this season.

This is also how many people get to accomplish a thorough immigration reform. It usually takes courage, clearness of objective, boldness of actions, as well as using the people's voices and testimonies to be able to describe the reality of the personal human needs as well as problems, as stated by Juanita Salvador-Burris, who happens to be one of the actual organizers who are tasked with some busloads that are coming from Chicago, Illinois. She also became a member of the extremely huge group of marchers within Washington D.C.

Salvador-Burris is also an official of the world-known group, the Alliance of Filipinos for Immigrant Rights & Empowerment, otherwise known as AFIRE. She hopes that the broad crowd within the nationís capital is able to successfully put pressure on the members of Congress to be able to additionally give consideration to the actual immigration reform laws.


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