The Blue Card for EU Immigration

Many people today might think that the Blue Card and the Green Card are the same thing, only that the blue one is used in Europe, while the green one is used in America.

However, they are actually very different from one another. In fact, they have more than ten differences between the two of them.

What is a Blue Card?

Blue Card, unlike its green counterpart in the United States of America, does not automatically provide its holder with permanent residency. It is considered valid up to two years. However, if they want to stay longer in Europe, for more than a couple of years, then they can easily renew their Blue Card.

It is through this Blue Card that foreign nationals are invited to enter the country as they are allowed, including their corresponding families, to reside, be employed, and travel all over Europe.

How to get a Blue Card?

If they feel attracted to Europe’s new Blue Card policy, they should just procure the enlisted requirements that they should complete first before they are provided with their very own Blue Card. They have to submit a recognized diploma that comes along with proof, stating that they have had professional experience in any given career for at least three years.

And, of course, they have to obtain a job contract, with one of the million of different companies in Europe, that runs for as long as one whole year. This job contract should indicate a salary of three times the regular minimum wage. Still, however, they must not think that the Blue Card ties to them to their job, because this card only attaches its benefits to the individual or the holder of the card.

And, although possession of a Blue Card does not automatically make that certain holder a European citizen, he or she will be granted permanent residency after five years, automatically. This is something definitely worth waiting for.

Today, the Blue Card is being actively talked about in various debate session. In fact, two issues have been raised up and are considered to be the most divisive. First is the regular definition of the terms highly skilled worker and also the destiny of the pre-existing nationwide schemes that are targeted at attracting and inviting foreign laborers who are qualified.

In fact, questions have been raised regarding how the level of income of a certain national from a third world country is enough for deciding what that worker’s value or benefits will be.

The target of the Commission in proposing the Blue Card is to harmonize the varying member state procedures, aside from providing migrants that are efficiently skilled. This Blue Card serves as their grant to move feely within the EU.

It is through the Blue Card that different countries within Europe will have more opportunities to define their quotas for foreign nationals who work in Europe. Examples of such countries are Austria and Germany, as they have consistently been implementing their restrictive quotas.


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