The Chinese Move to Canada

To date, the contributions that immigrants coming from China have provided to Canada have largely increased. Jason Kenny, the Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism of Canada believes that, despite being discriminated against back in the past, the immigrants that come from China are still looking forward to making a much more effective and beneficial to the country of Canada and also to the Canadian Government.

The Chinese in Canada

In fact, twenty-five thousand people moved from the Republic of China and went to Canada only in 2009 alone. Moreover, the total population of Chinese individuals in Canada has reached more than one million, since China is actually regarded by experts as the second top resource of Canadian immigrants. And aside from that, it is also considered as the number one source of permanent residents who end up deciding to stay in Canada. It is only in China, alone, that Canada got over twenty-five thousand permanent residents.

According to statistical data, Chinese communities within Canada have stayed for longer than a hundred and fifty years. In fact, they were the ones responsible for building the Canadian Pacific Railway that somehow united Canada from its Eastern part to the Western part back in the 1860ís. Aside from this, majority of Canadian immigrants who originally came from China today are very successful in various professional fields in Canada.

Chinese gift to Canada

One of the many gifts offered by the Chinese people to Canada is their great business sense and work ethic. They also like to take risks, and this characteristic of theirs, alone, has definitely made Canadian business chains much better. The Chinese people are also much more compassionate with regards to hiring more and more people, which is also a good way for the Canadian residents to come up with their own financial income. Through out the small businesses that the Chinese have all over Canada, for sure, Canadians will never have a problem with regards to employment.

Since majority of the economic growth is largely dependent on the business industry of Canada, the Canadian immigrants from China have contributed a lot to the success of the Canadian economy. A huge part of this is because they are simply good working people, especially with regards to business, and they always work very hard.

Still, however, no matter how good in business they are or how much they have contributed to the Canadian Government, they will still be treated normally once they experience problems related to their immigration.

Foreign nationals who have an immigration status that might have lapsed because of certain delays in air traffic for the past few weeks can now breathe easily. In fact, Ottawa has been making some special allowances right after the airspace above Europe was shut down because of an ash plume that has been spewing from an Icelandic volcano.

In fact, immigration minister Jason Kenney has stated that temporary residents who have been unsuccessful in their attempts to leave the country because of disruptions in air travel, especially once their Visas have already expired on or after the fifteenth of April has absolutely no need to worry because their status will be automatically extended for an additional thirty days, all for free.


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