Why the British are Opposed to Further UK Immigration

At present, there are more than one million illegal immigrants that can be found within Britain. This report has been largely based on two of the most famous studies regarding immigration in the United Kingdom. The first report was commissioned by the Home Office back in 2005 while the second one was individually generated by the London School of Economics only in the year 2009 as ordered by the Mayor of London.

Explaining the research

It further explains that the aforementioned studies have somehow underestimated the number of individuals who have entered the UK illegally, and also those who entered the country with the use of their own Visa, yet have decided to illegally overstay. In fact, the past studies had a central estimate of six hundred and eighteen thousand, a figure that should be revised to more than one million.

What do politicians have to say?

Some politicians, at present, are planning to provide benefits to those who have stayed longer than ten years in the UK, as they are made regularized citizens of the United Kingdom. However, Sir Andrew Green, the Chairman of the MigrationWatch in UK is strongly opposed to this plan since he does not like the fact that his country is going to reward British citizenship to the illegals who have stayed more than ten years, simply because they are illegal immigrants.

Aside from the citizenship, they are also going to be provided with complete access to the welfare state. This is not something the people of UK want as a form of punishment for those who illegally entered their country.

The United Kingdom presently has more than a million people, a number that can easily be doubled, or even tripled, once their relatives fly to the UK as they, through the Blue Card, will also be given the right to come to the UK, live there, and even work there. This is not something that gladdens today’s Brits since they do not want to waste billions upon billions of legal British money paid by the tax payers when the UK Government, itself, is already broke.

What do the voters have to say?

Voters in UK were asked through surveys whether or not they wanted to immigrants to be getting financial and other kinds of benefits as well. According to the results, fifty-four percent opposes with thirty-six percent strongly opposed to that particular notion. On the other hand, a thirty percent of the British population is in favor, with an additional five percent who were strongly in favor. The remaining percentage is made up of the people who still cannot decide.

Majority of the immigrants who enter the UK come from Ireland and the other countries that used to be part of the British Empire, such as Pakistan, India, the Caribbean, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, and Kenya.

It seems that a huge percentage of the British population is strongly opposed to having more and more immigrants into their country. In fact, some reports have been made stating that “Britain is already full”.


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